Project Nucleos

Description: Nucleos is an open-source micro-kernel which is borne by minix3 but goes on its own way. The user may use the Newlib as C library and Busybox as shell.
License: GPL version 2
Status: Closed
Activity: None
Warning: Keep your data in safe! This software has been tested only on Qemu emulator.

Kernel repository

Branch/Tag Description Download Repository
master The Nucleos kernel master branch tarball view
v1.1.0-alpha9 The Nucleos kernel latest tag tarball view

Related repositories and downloads

Name Description Download/repository
Newlib Newlib C library port for nucleos repository
Busybox Busybox port for nucleos repository
Nucleos utils Various nucleos’s utilities (specific to nucleos e.g. mount, …) repository
Scripts Various scripts (e.g. for building toolchain from sources) repository
Newlib test Testing code for ported Newlib C library tarball
Cross-toolchain The cross-toolchain for nucleos (binary package, patches, sources, …) repository
Disk image Experimental qemu disk image with Nucleos kernel and busybox tarball