POC micro-howto

POC Mini-howto

POC’s build process is very similar to linux’s so if you are familiar with that this should be not a problem.


Download the latest source from here.

2. Configuration

Before you start building you have to perform some configuration. You can do that by one of the commands listed in brackets:
make {config, menuconfig, xconfig, gconfig, allyesconfig}
e.g. make menuconfigType the following command for more help:
make help

3. Building

Once you have passed through configurration you are ready to build the libraries. To build libraries type following command:
or by longer command:
make libBefore you perform installation run the test by command:
make testall

4. Installing

After all you can install libraries and headers into desired directory.
make INSTALL_PATH=/where/you/want/to/install installIf you don’t specify INSTALL_PATH the package will be installed into poc-x.y.z directory inside source tree. You can also specify destination directory name by INSTALL_DIR i.e. the final path is thenINSTALL_PATH/INSTALL_DIR. Please note that without INSTALL_DIR the default name is used poc-x.y.z where x.y.z is the release version.

5. Cleaning

To clean a source tree type:
make cleanIt will only remove object and dependency files but leaves libraries untouched.
If you want a complete clean type:
make distclean

6. Usage

After the POC has been installed the user must:

  • Add POC’s `include’ directory into include path of compiler.
    e.g. gcc -I/POC/DIRECTORY/include -c input_file.c
  • Include `poc/pocenv.h’ header file which will setup environment for POC’s headers. You can use this header with gcc’s `-imacros’ (see gcc manual) options or include it explicitly.

7. Documention

You can generate documentaion from source code by using doxygen and configuration file located in source tree (for doxygen 1.5.4). If you decide to use this config file note that you will also need dot (see graphviz) utility to generate directed graphs. Documentation will be generated in apidoc directory in source tree.

8. Building & Running the testsuite

Move to poctest directory and start the build process by following command:
make HWLDIR=/path/to/installed/poc/directory all fimageThis will build all binaries (target & host) and create floppy images. For each directory which contains `floppy.img’ you can do:
qemu -std-vga -fda floppy.imgor use BOCHS if you wish. Some of the directories also contain binaries which are able to run on host. These have usually _h.bin postfix.